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It is an incredible sense of accomplishment, one experience when becoming a part of someone's journey. To be able to make an impact, small or big, on someone's special dream, is a feeling that we should all strive for and never take for granted.

Vered Levy-Ron
CEO at Syte

This is the second time that I am working with Ram, and his expertise is the Jewelry industry is an asset for any company!

Ram has been working with Syte as a Senior Jewelry Partnership Advisor. His insights and guidance have been key as Syte grows its Jewelry partnerships worldwide. Ram’s impressive knowledge of the luxury/Jewelry industry as a whole and his extensive expertise in branding, sales, marketing, retail, and e-commerce are supporting Syte’s growth in this space. Ram joined me at the 2022 JCK show to help make it a success for Syte.


I highly recommend working with Ram and leveraging his experience and know-how for success.

Jordon Ozero
Leader | Mentor | Team-Builder | Strategist

I have had the good fortune to know and work with Ram in the cruise industry for 18 years. Words I would use to describe Ram include professional, loyal, dedicated, driven, passionate and successful.

Regardless of which department I've observed Ram leading throughout his career, financial results, customer satisfaction, and team morale has always exceeded any reasonable expectation. 


I have no doubt Ram will be a valued asset to any company in the retail, luxury or cruise industry that is looking for an empathetic, upbeat, inclusive, and charismatic leader and mentor in any sales, marketing or branding roles.

יפית ברק
Founder & Managing Director, Yafit Barak & Co.

נעזרתי ברם בפרויקט גדול שביצעתי עבור חברה ישראלית מתחום הקמעונאות. הפרויקט כלל קמפיין רחב היקף בדיגיטל.


רם תכנן והוציא אל הפועל את הקמפיין באופן מלא. רם כיסה את כל תחום השיווק הדיגיטלי בפרויקט. רם בקיא ומעודכן בתחום.


רם הוא אדם בעל חשיבה יצירתית ומקורית. 

Liz Chatelain
President, MVI Marketing

Ram Glick, RG Consultants launched our FMC social media activities this year. He did it terrific job making sure that our SM was active, entertaining, educational, provocative, and current all all times.


Ram's writing skills were a tremendous help and needed very little oversight. He understands luxury products including fine jewelry and it's natural materials used so he could write with authority. He's messaging resonates all the way through to the end retailer, who has to make the sale happen.

Darlene Smith
Project Manager, FMC

It is a pleasure working with Ram Glick on the FURA Marketing Council (FMC) program.


Ram was our Social Media Director, and was  knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated. Ram is a team player and always offers to assist on other projects. His experience in the jewelry industry has been instrumental in helping to launch FMC.


Ram would be an asset to any company he works with or project he works on. 

Joanna Park-Tonks

In one's career, it is instrumental to choose the right coaches and supporters who develop one's professional horizons.


Ram Glick is one of these rare and brilliant diamonds. I have benefited immeasurably from Ram's infinite industry wisdom, kindness and intelligence

Steve Stitt
Norwegian Cruise Lines

Ram is passionate not only about his job, but his guests too. He is always thinking of new ways to increase results for his team, department and the company.


It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with Ram. 

Yossi Yayon
CTO & Co-Founder, Lusix

It was my pleasure to know Ram since the time he came to work with us at Lusix as VP marketing. I find Ram to be an expert in the luxury market with vast knowledge in branding and marketing of jewelry and related products.


In the personal level, Ram is enthusiastic, highly motivated, hard worker and fun to be with. I wish Ram great success in his new way and I'm sure he will be a great contribution to any company he will join in the future.

Michael Slaton
Investor and CEO, Fine Art Sales

Ram is dependable and loyal, with the rare ability to be able to sell naturally. He makes it a point to be knowledgeable of his product, which creates an air of confidence and makes his customers feel at ease making their purchases.


He is an expert at Art and craves knowledge of Artist in his spare time.


Anyone lucky enough to be able to have Ram either sell, train or teach in the Art world is very lucky.

Gord Wilson
Cruising, Fine Art & Jewelry 

Ram's among the most dynamic, charismatic, and entertaining professionals I've ever known.


He is a recognized leader and icon in 3 industries I was associated with: cruising, fine art, and jewelry - there are very very few people as well respected & known.


I am honored he considers me a friend!

Steve Shaiken
Cruise Industry Executive

Ram is a dedicated student of the arts. He completely immerses himself in every project he approaches. His interpersonal skills are exceptional. His ability to capture the trust of those around him is extraordinary. 

Ram works towards success and will never accept anything less than perfection. 

I would be pleased to work with Ram again... As a fellow team member, one could not ask for a better partner. 

Vivial Colored Diamonds 

Working with Ram Glick was a true pleasure. Ram came highly recommended and didn't disappoint.


Ram's understanding of our industry together with his extensive experience and knowledge in branding, marketing, promotion and writing, mixed with his high energy and go-get-it attitude, resulted in a fresh look and plan for Vivial Diamonds.  

We recommend Ram with "flying colors".

Haim Gooby
R&D Team Leader, Lusix 

Ram is a fantastic role model as a leader and as a VP of marketing. He is energetic, open-minded, motivated and overall a great manager to be around, personally and professionally.


Ram works in another department but whenever he presented the marketing updates during company’s meetings, his experience,


knowledge and passion about the industry and about Lusix were contagious.

Motti Mor
Web Consultant & Founder, Novosite

I’ve been working with Ram Glick for close to 4 years. I really like his vision of things. For example, sometimes I can look for a slogan for days, bouncing my head on the table, and then Ram just passes by and gives his line or observation that truly works.


Other then that Ram has a unique view on Marketing and a pleasant approach for sales. I really enjoy working with him. Looking for more collaboration through the years...

Ian Wilson
Cruising, Fine Art & Jewelry 

Ram Glick is a dedicated co-worker, team leader, and employee.


A superlative salesman and marketer, Ram always took a project or team to previously unrealized heights...while always being a pleasure to work with.


Any organization would be lucky to have Ram as a part of their management team.

Ignacio Garcia A.
Hotel Director, Norwegian Cruise Line 

I have worked with Ram in 2 occasions. 1st when he was the Art Auctioneer a few years ago and 2nd time as a Cruise Next Manager.


He is an outgoing personality, and he connects very easily with guests, Crew and Managers. He is reliable, passionate, positive, and he has a Yes We Can attitude.


Furthermore, he is a great professional, and he always drives for SERVICE

Shane Benz
Manager, Norwegian Cruise Line

Ram has been in the cruise line industry from more than 20 years. During that time he has succeeded as a manager and continues to be very results orientated.


Ram is a driven individual that is always looking to achieve targets - he is very hard-working, reliable, trustworthy and always available. His experience on a variety of cruise lines enables him to adapt easily, and he has an abundance of knowledge of all departments on a cruise ship.


Ram is a team player looking to continue his success.

Julie Crouse
Fleet Manager, OnBoard Media

Ram is extremely passionate about his work, whatever field of expertise he is working in. His results are consistent and above target, he excels where others have failed to produce the same results.


Ram Glick is money in the bank.

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